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Earn Barn Bucks for purchases, reviewing products, and interacting with our brand! Redeem your Barn Bucks for exclusive discounts at checkout.

How It Works

Ways To Earn Barn Bucks

Ways To Use Your Barn Bucks

Redeem your Barn Bucks for a discount at checkout. Once you have earned enough Barn Bucks to redeem a reward, go to the My Account page and go to the Redeem Your Barn Bucks section and choose your reward.

Barn Bucks FAQ

How do I join the Barn Bucks Loyalty Program?

You can join our rewards program and start earning Barn Bucks by creating a Toolbarn account here. If you already have a Toolbarn account, you are automatically enrolled in the Barn Bucks Loyalty Program.

How can I earn Barn Bucks?

You earn 1 Barn Buck for every dollar spent on our site. You can also earn Barn Bucks just by signing up, leaving a product review, and more!

How do I see my available Barn Bucks?

Once logged in, you can view your rewards balance in the My Account page.

How do I redeem my Barn Bucks for a discount?

  1. Login to your Toolbarn.com account.
  2. On the My Account page go to the Redeem Your Barn Bucks section.
  3. Click on the Redeem Now button for the reward you wish to redeem.
  4. Copy the code that generates and apply it to the discount section at checkout.

Why didn't I receive my Barn Bucks after placing an order?

Barn Bucks are earned once your order has shipped.

Do Barn Bucks reset each year?

Barn Bucks do not expire, but the rewards are typically related to your purchases within the calendar year.

Do Barn Bucks rewards expire?

Once you have earned enough Barn Bucks to redeem a discount, an email will be sent which describes the amount of the discount, purchase requirements, and expiration date.

If I cancel my order, do I keep my Barn Bucks?

Barn Bucks are earned for completed transactions. If your order is cancelled or refunded, the total will be deducted from your balance.